Users matter.

People can tell us more about their needs than we can ever imagine.


Talk to people. Observe their behaviour and preferences. Collect data from many sources.


Undersatnd people's emotions and motives. Design with an open mind and value different points of view. Actively seek to identify and contextualize biases.


Finding the perfect solution on the first try isn't likely. Be empirical. Test assumptions; identify and remove barriers.

Jesse Holmes

About Jesse Holmes

I’m an experienced digital media professional and leader. I work primarily with government and cultural institutions to create digital products that engage, inform and inspire. 

My specialties include: user centred design, frond-end development with a focus on web standards and content accessibility, media production, product management, metrics and content strategy.

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User Experience

Making it easier for people find information about healthcare in Ontario. Research We used analytics to identify the top content. Empathize Card sorting helped us understand the content categories that made sense for people. Validate Read more…


Embracing Disruptive Innovation

My Director shared an interesting paper on public service innovation with me the other day. If you don’t already follow William Eggers on Twitter (@wdeggers), you should. He’s the Global Public Service Director at Deloitte Read more…