The decision to enter post secondary education can be a daunting. There are a many factors that influence an individual’s  choice. The prospect of incurring a substantial financial liability to pay of tuition can be a major barrier. The Ontario Government wanted to help potential students with the decision to attend post secondary by making it very easy to see how much help is available.

Project brief

Help students in Ontario see how much OSAP they can get. Show if they can get free tuition. Do it quickly: ask the fewest number of questions possible to provide a rough estimate.


Design a simplified point of entry into OSAP – the Ontario Student Financial Assistance system. Provide clear information about rules and eligibility. Build a simple application to provide a quick estimate.


  • Content design
  • Service design
  • Information architecture
  • Interactive design
  • Data visualization
  • User testing
Screen capture of the OSAP landing page.

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