For more than a decade, my career has focused on strategic planning, design and development of award winning new media, exhibits and web development projects for international and domestic clients in public service and cultural attractions. Much of this work has focused on the design and development of bespoke, interactive interfaces and web sites. I have worked extensively with clients, vendors and professional consulting teams to assess needs, craft project goals, design and develop meaningful and engaging responses, generate clean and well documented code, and evaluate results.

Recently, I acted as the lead specialist and coordinator for all website content, development and visual identity programs for the Ontario Ministry of Government Services, Diversity Office. I led a project team to migrate the office’s intranet sites to OPSpedia and provided front-end coding and template customization for the new site. Working with tight timelines, the new site launched in September 2010: on time and with a reduced opperating budget. A major component of the refreshed site, the OPS Inclusion Lens, has since gone on to win both an MGS Edge Award and an Amethyst Award.

In past work with the Ontario Science Centre, I led the design and front end development of a project to refresh the look and feel of their bilingual website: removing old, inaccessible table layouts and inline styles and replacing them with refreshed templates. The new site used an open source CSS framework for layout and customized styling that targeted a newly rationalized and semantically rich document source order. The resulting site was more visually
appealing, standards compliant and accessible.

I have boundless enthusiasm for creating thoughtful, strategic, and highly accessible web interfaces and experiences.


Active knowledge in many different aspects of interactive media production web design and front end development.

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