Expanding access to student financial assistance

The decision to enter post secondary education can be a daunting. There are a many factors that influence an individual’s  choice. The prospect of incurring a substantial financial liability to pay of tuition can be a major barrier. The Ontario Government wanted to help potential students with the decision to attend post secondary by making […]


Making it easier for people find information about healthcare in Ontario. Research We used analytics to identify the top content. Empathize Card sorting helped us understand the content categories that made sense for people. Validate We tested the iconography with people to make sure they associated it with the right content. A survey was used […]

Embracing Disruptive Innovation

My Director shared an interesting paper on public service innovation with me the other day. If you don’t already follow William Eggers on Twitter (@wdeggers), you should. He’s the Global Public Service Director at Deloitte and a leading thinker in the realm of Public Sector innovation. He’s co-authored a study called Public Sector, disrupted: How […]